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The South African Recycled Furniture program has been running for the last three years (2017 to 2020) and continues to grow in both support and impact.

The program utilises furniture items obtained from goverment, private, and corporate donors, that have been made redundant or require repair. 

We work closely (under contract) with the Department of Social Development to ensure maximum impact and development of entreprenuers in this sector.

The program allows us to empower young entrepreneurs while items can be restored, repaired, recycled or upcycled in order to provide cost effective funiture to startups, non profits, and other entreprenuers.

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The Masekhethele program, run by SABRI Gauteng, supports women waste-pickers who transform waste into an exquisite source of creative potential. We look to push toward the sustainability of our planet, and its people.

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Proudly Drug Free

This initiative, developed by the SA Business Resources Institute (SABRI) and in association with the Cape Town Drug Counceling Center, looks to regain control in the fight against substance use. We look forward to sharing more information with you and signing you up to this incredible program!

Luanching 2nd Qrt 2021!

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Renewable Energy

Our entreprenuer driven Solar and renewable energy program, launched 2020 looks to counter the constant power load shedding being experienced in South Africa.  Our team endeavour to make your power needs easier, reliable, and consistant at home or work, while remaining cost effective.

Food Security

SABRI is actively involved in programs surrounding food secutity, in the business training requirements, and product supply.

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